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Customer success with Omnichannel

The Connex One Omnichannel platform is flexible and versatile, encouraging both inbound and outbound customer interactions. By integrating seamlessly with your CRM systems, your agents can pick up the conversations where they left off, increasing the volume of tickets they can get through without decreasing the quality.

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Balance pace with peace of mind.
Balance pace with peace of mind.

Balance pace with peace of mind.

Greater personalised service and a higher call volume with Omnichannel.

Put your agents infront of live callers even faster

Voice Service 

Enhance your customer service by intelligently routing calls to the agents most qualified agent for each enquiry to enhance.

Handle large volumes of transactions, enable self-service IVR and automatically log all interactions within your CRM for one seamless customer experience.

  • Predictive Dialler

    Get your agents in front of live callers even faster with our versatile dialler feature, combine service with sales volume through smooth omnichannel approach. 

  • Interactive Voice Response

    Using voice or the keypad, our advanced IVR features enable customers to quickly find the service and speak to an agent quicker

  • Speech Analytics

    Analyse all your voice interactions to detect customer and agent emotions, identifying everything from upsell opportunities to positive/negative customer sentiment.

prioritise, escalate, action.

Inbound and Outbound Email

The Connex One Email solution seamlessly integrates across all your customer contact channels for a single interface and logs all interactions in your CRM for a seamless journey.

Intelligent omnichannel routing features combined with dashboards and reports give detailed visibility into critical KPIs and SLAs to prioritise and escalate tickets.

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for your customers on the move

Social media

For many businesses, social media is the cornerstone in their communication strategy. Whether you use it for lead generation, marketing, customer services or branding, an Omnichannel solution can help to consolidate all your enquiries into one central point and distribute where necessary.

For customers on the go it’s important that you can keep up with the demand of modern life and communicate with them on their preferred channel. Easily send documents, files and links to your customers via social applications right to their mobile, tablet or desktop.

Inbound and outbound

Inbound and outbound

Manage all forms of communication from targeting customers to answering queries.

public and private

public and private

Manage private messages and quality control posts and comments.

Synchronised message history

Synchronised message history

Automatically store all conversation history and log on your CRM with clever omnichannel API.

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Live Chat 

Turn website browsing to buying by providing immediate answers to prospective customers. From prompting outbound questions nudging customers down the sales funnel to managing inbound customer service queries, Live Chat is a versatile tool that can deliver immediate ROI. 

  • Lead Generation

    Prompt outbound messaging. You have thousands of web visitors, isn’t it time to say hello? 

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Auto sync to your conversation history to your CRM to unify your user experience.

  • Customer Service

    Manage inbound messaging with with clever automated ticketing to route the right queries to the right agent.

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