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All Connex One Voice services are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

The customisable payment solutions with all our Omnichannel features are built on a secure, trusted and PCI certified platform.

Take payment over the internet and phone with ease, safe in the knowledge that your transactions are protected, and your customer’s information is encrypted.

encrypted Interactive voice response

Payment IVR

Create smooth user journeys with a customisable phone menu that improves the customer experience.

Clever message routing allows your customer to breeze through payment methods quickly and safely. Free up more of your agent’s time by allowing customers to use IVR self service, fully automated feature.

Our customers using IVR also benefit from:

  • take payments 24/7

  • no human error

  • reduced wait times

  • real time reporting

automated payments

Live chat payments

Take secure payments through Athena Chat, the Connex One Live Chat bot.

ecommerce reports

ecommerce reports

Analyse sales made through Live Chat

Data encryption

Data encryption

Take payments securely

API Syncing

API Syncing

Log transactions in your CRM automatically

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Allow your agents to assist with complex transactions by taking payments over the phone.

Your agent will stay on the line while your customers keypad allows them to enter their payment details safely. Your customers can rest assured that this method is secure as your agent won’t see their details, but can see when a field is filled in to help guide them through the process.

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