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Centralised reporting system

The Connex One Reporting and Analytics suite provides compliance, productivity and improves efficiency. It also reduces errors by utilising a centralised orchestration and workflow engine to enable visibility throughout the business with advanced reporting and insight tools.

actionable insights 

Consolidated reporting hub

Interaction hub

Interaction hub

An intuitive, user-friendly workspace where an agent can manage their inbound and outbound queue from all channels, view their performance and receive notifications.

Customer Hub

Customer Hub

The single view of the customer’s interactions across all channels where agents can add additional data, review transcripts and forms to better understand the customer’s needs.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

A user friendly screen enabling agents to view their performance and do to list with clever prioritisation features. Interactions actioned here are automatically recorded in your CRM.



Configurable team dashboards provide real time reporting on productivity. Agents can see the real-time impact of their performance, a proven aid in visual motivation.

agile, responsive reports 

Data waterfall

Create rules to organise and assign data into lists, campaigns or teams as it flows through the system. The data becomes more refined and organised over time, optimising your usage.

The Data Waterfall strategy can be outcome or time based, flexibly catering to your KPIs.

  • Collaborate 

    Move a data record from one department to another

  • Never miss an opportunity

    Drill into uncontacted data to create new channels

  • Drive leads

    Create new lists from existing records for cross selling or marketing purposes

  • Manage Workload

    Distribute Data evenly between Operatives.

Intuitive API

CRM Integration

Connex One provides an API feed which can identify, sort, process and receive inbound data, which are then stored as files within the Connex One platform. Intuitive and secure API technology works in the background to give your agents more time to do what they do best without being bogged down by administration.

Seamlessly transition from existing legacy systems to a modern call centre solution, with all the same data at your fingertips.


Make better decisions


The Connex One Reporting and Analytics Suite allows you to build your own customisable reports to help you meet and manage your KPIs. Segmenting your data by demographics, industries, geography and more to spot trends and replicate success.

The powerful customer engagement insights feature is accessed through an intuitive, easy to use interface, generating powerful results.

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Bot with brain power 

Speech Analysis

Analyse all your voice interactions to detect customer and agent emotions, identifying everything from upsell opportunities to positive/negative customer sentiment.

The Connex One Speech Analysis works across multiple interfaces and is a proven method to increase adherence to best practice policies and procedures.

  • Improve quality control 

  • increase customer satisfaction

  • Lower customer churn

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Homeshield Direct

Recognising that their existing solution was outdated, Homeshield Direct knew it was imperative to upgrade to a modern, agile Cloud Contact Centre solution to keep up with their rapidly expanding business.

Liam West - IT & Systems Manager, Homeshield Direct

From the interface to the reporting suite, the customisable settings to the reduced wait times. We could only see improvements once switching to Connex One


Liam West IT & Systems Manager, Homeshield Direct


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