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Simple integration with your software is one of the key requirements of any new system you implement and that’s why we’ve made integrating with the Connex One platform seamless. The platform has the ability to integrate with a variety of the world’s leading software whether it be CRM systems such as Hubspot or ticketing systems like Zendesk. Our implementation team can enable this to be a quick and pain-free process.

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CRM Integration

There hasn’t been a CRM system we couldn’t integrate too!  We’ve bottled up the experience of thousands of implementations to create an easy to configure CRM integration module that plugs right into many of the leading CRM platforms.

From mapping personal details of a contact, to logging a purchase transaction with encrypted and secure payment data, our CRM integration allows you to reliably store all you interactions in one place without duplicating work.

legacy systems? No problem


Connex One provides a standards based API to enable multiple data feeds right from your customer engagement and back office systems, including the ability to identify, sort and process data.

We can also integrate with your existing PBX systems and hard phones to ensure we provide the best  contact center solution for your business.




Log all your team activity in one place to ensure a seamless customer experience and enhance interdepartmental working relationships.


  • Collaborate on projects

  • Assign tasks 

  • Improve your customer engagement.

Secure and reliable 

Payment integration 

All Connex One Voice services are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant.

The customisable payment solutions within all our Omnichannel features are built on a secure, trusted and PCI certified platform.

Take payment over the internet and phone with ease, safe in the knowledge that your transactions are protected, and your customer’s information is encrypted.

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